About Me

Hi there!   My name is Vicky (or Hsiao-Wei as my mom calls me, which means Sunrise Rose).  I am a certified yoga teacher, a passionate animal lover, and professional behavior scientist.  I would love to create a safe and calm place for us to share yoga practice together, on and off the mat.  

My yoga journey started on July 21st, 2015.  That was the first time I walked into a beginner yoga class at a local community center.  At that time, yoga was just a physical exercise to me.  I learned a few poses but never understood what yoga truly is.  The realization came almost 2 years later when I had a few dramatic life changes within just a couple months (lost my job, ended a long-term relationship, moved to a new city...).  In hopes to find peace and put my life back in order, I turned to yoga again.  This time, I spent more time learning and practicing every day.  I also met my favorite yoga teacher who saw the "teacher quality" in me and highly recommended me taking a training course.  Eventually I took her advice and completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training in September 2019, focusing on Vinyasa and Hatha yoga.

Other than yoga, I am an amateur ballroom dancer for more than 10 years.  I also started taking horseback riding lessons about two years ago - it is so much fun but almost always makes sore everywhere on the next day...  My boyfriend is a badminton player for more than 20 years, which leads to some sport-related injuries in the shoulders, knees, and ankles!  I convinced him to do yoga with me (this actually surprised me - he’s originally from India; he would correct my Sanskrit pronunciation but he knows nothing about yoga!) and the condition has improved a lot, even though we just do a few restorative poses every day.  This gave me the idea to further my yoga education (and find something to do in covid lockdown) in Teaching Yoga to Athletes. I just completed my training a few weeks ago, and I am really excited about all the opportunities it opens up. 

Yoga has become an important part of my life that reminds me to be content, be grateful, and take good care of myself.  I really look forward to connecting with you and taking every opportunity to teach, serve, learn, and practice.

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